And Links #9, including: the TikTok-viral 12/3/30 method, LeBron on a climbing machine, deepening your squat, and more.
For gift guide wanters, there's a gift guide; for essay wanters, there is an essay
What's the best thing that ever happened to you, or happened near you, in the gym? They asked, you answer: “I desperately want to start going to the gym because it’s where all the plates and barbells are, but I think I’ve heard…
Plus: wrinkles make us look alive, the IOC stands down, which spin bike is the Jazzercise of our time, and ADELE! EATS! AND! LIFTS!!!!!!!
Plus: The first-ever She's A Beast merch, AND... a discount code.
Links #11, including: doctors who say "if it hurts, don't do that" found bald; various forms of Longforms; the "exercise IS hard and some people will n…
What part of lifting eludes you, no matter how hard you try? You might expect by now I’d have a perfect routine down. False! There are a number of things I wish were a breeze and they aren’t: my deadlift f…
Links #10, including: powerlifting! on! Ellen!!!, the wrong place to bro down, protein pumpkin pancakes WITH flour, thank you VERY much, and: hangovers.
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