It's the New Year's Subscription Sale!!

It's the New Year's Subscription Sale!!

It's time for our annual New Year's Sale for new* paid subscribers to She's A Beast! Paid subscriber benefits include:

And more! You can read all about the full benefits here.

Here's the link to 30% off a monthly subscription for one year ($7/month)

And here's the link to 30% off of an annual subscrption ($70/year or $5.83/month).

Note that the links above are pop-over menus that will spring up over the home page; please give them a second to appear!!

This offer is only available through 1/6/2023!

Thank you for reading and supporting She's A Beast!!

*Note for existing subscribers who may see this page: This offer will only work for new or expired subscriptions. If you have an active subscription that will expire during the sale period and want to take advantage of the sale, you must cancel your subscription in your Ghost profile, and then re-subscribe at one of the above URLs during the sale period, once your current subscription has expired. If you have more questions about how subscriptions work, please check out the FAQ.