An excavation of Will Smith's weight loss journey, plus: the joyous lives of two strongmen, a chef's kiss Joe Rogan podcast parody, and we need to talk about Oprah. this is Links #13.
How do I pick my accessory exercises? They asked, you answer: “I have one for the hive mind: Where do you find new accessory exercises to do/how do people know which accessories TO d…
Plus: the conservatives are struggling, how to overcome weak points, and more. This is Links #19.
Reviewing the particulars of Intuitive Eating, the 4th Edition, "gentle nutrition," and how these things can (or can't) square with getting stronger.
Swole Woman's Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the matter of asking to "work in," whether you were actually using those dumbbells, et al. This is Links…
Here are all your favorites from the 5+ years of writing about strength, plus, because I can't resist, a few you might not have seen before.
You can hear it in the silence; a 550-pound beltless deadlift PR; a new Biggest Loser finding; and Morpheus never lands this move. It's Links 16.
How did you overcome a plateau?They asked, you answer: “I’m familiar with the concept of ‘plateaus,’ like you get stuck on your progress with, to choose a totally random examp…
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