Tools and practices for writing a book these days

A bunch of stuff that helped me do a big project with no natural ability to focus or achieve on a consistent basis, while beset on all side by attention thieves.

Tools and practices for writing a book these days
The main A Physical Education notebook where I did a lot of longhand writing, and I promise that's not as hoity-toity as it sounds, as you will see momentarily


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The Question

What writing program are you using here? Is it Scrivener? I’d also love to know what else has been helpful in writing your book!! — Sandy on Instagram, re: a stack of paper I posted to stories that was a printed draft of the book

The Answer

Hopefully I’m not freaking getting ahead of myself by writing this all about a book that then never comes out. The draft is due in just over two weeks, and I’m knocking like hell on wood right now.

But also, I’m so blessed to have so many readers who get it and value what I do, so it felt right to include you as this milestone is now rapidly approaching and let you inside the process a little. I hope some of this is helpful to you, too, whether you’re writing a book or just trying to work uninterrupted for 20 whole minutes. Nothing in here is really specific to writing, or to writing about lifting. Hey, maybe some of this stuff will even help with lifting and this isn't so off-topic after all! :)

Here are all of the things I bought/owned/did while writing A Physical Education that felt were particularly useful.