Welcome to Ghost!

Welcome to Ghost!
As we are always saying around here

If you’ve clicked any www.shesabeast.co links in the last couple of days you might already have noticed this, but She’s A Beast has officially moved off Substack [weird] and onto Ghost!

My aim is to make this as seamless as possible for you, my beloved readers. But generally, you shouldn’t worry about it; this is largely a back-end thing that shouldn’t substantially affect either your experience of the site, or the emails you receive. It mostly gives me more tools to customize the experience for you and me, and I’m really excited about that.

These first couple newsletters have a high chance of ending up in your spam folder, for reasons I can’t fully explain. But if you whitelist the sender address, casey@shesabeast.co, or go in your spam folder and mark a newsletter email as NOT spam, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

For paid subscribers, nothing should change or need intervention from you. But as you, valued subscriber (paid or not!) log in to the new site and check out your profile, let me know if anything looks amiss; you can email me anytime at support@shesabeast.co. This goes especially if you signed up sometime this week; if that was you and you no longer have access to paid posts, email me, I have a fix for you.